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Whether to use the site requires you to pay a fee?

No, the main features Niazeto such as registering property, property search and view contact information completely free property. For more property registration can use the package.

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Are you for registering property should become a member?

Yes for registering property should become a member to take advantage of all Amkanath site (such as property management, favorites, requests, invoices and saved search …)

It noted the benefits of membership include:

  • Free registration property
  • Managing files and applications civil
  • Record and manage real estate ads
  • Property that you have saved for search and favorites …….

Ads registration process ?

In your profiles with the option of registering property can advertise new start record. You can use the package free site please.

Note: If you have used your free package must package the site.

Ads registration process:

Price and description of the property for use as a short name and the property of their Property Description Property Description please.

Select property type and transaction type of label to show the type of deal you can on your property advertisement.

Prices in the field selling price and the sale price and the mortgage or mortgages you can write your number. In the field, the second price or lease price of rent per month or yearly can write your own. you can use the word, such as (a) use please.

Image property: property image upload your own and up to 6 photos are allowed to upload photos Bashyd.hdaksr bulk photo upload to 3 MB.

Property Details: The property details as the name implies Evening fields.
Note: the prefix and suffix field area, you can use the appropriate word, such as: {m or m or m or feet}

Property location: in the address fields you can determine the location of your property, as well as the map for better search and other Amkanath use your ad to visit.

The registration fields to map the architecture of the property can be advertised noted that this case is going to be able to show the map of your property.

Other property your property as well as subsets that you can define in this field to be shown in your ad property under the you.

How do I create additional detail for the ad?

Submit your ad in just the field (additional features) you want to add features.

For example: type facade or building facilities and ……

Compare and Favorites Property

How can I compare my property?

For comparison the property by clicking on the + sign that can be used in property there.

How do I specify your favorite property?

Click on the heart icon, select your favorite properties to keep them through your User Panel to easily access them.

Edit Property

How do I set up my property for?

You can in your profile on my property What is special option.

How do I edit or delete your property?

You can in your profile on my property What is the option to edit or delete using.

Save Search Who benefits?

You can search for saved search in your profile that you save View Answer

If a property with the man you saved that property can be viewed Boudin registration please.