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Group of niazeto websites to spread the culture of buying and selling online Environmental and urban journeys launched a series of websites have online sales as Niazetointernational In the first stage required in automotive and real estate websites have been launched.

Niazetointernational Web site as the first specialized international property purchase  Selling and renting real estate inside and outside of Iran In both the exterior and interior record Buying Leads Sale and rental properties is provided for users has started its activities.

Niazetointernational Web site Properties a range of ads to buy, sell, mortgage or rent real estate, including residential, commercial, administrative and offered the floor to the audience.Also in the sector real estate agencies as well as companies with a valid ID possibility of introducing a formal union will file your ad.

Niazetointernational Web site Properties understanding of the demands and requirements of buyers, sellers and real estate agents in immediate communication with suppliers and customers And maximizing capacity utilization of cyberspace in order to develop new ways to buy And the sale and rental housing act by creating new possibilities in the field of online transactions has To suppliers and buyers with ease and security as much to operate. Including this feature can be mentioned the following:

* The possibility of registering property by users all over the world : for Iran and to all parts of the world

* Use location services and maps have been updated to show the exact position of the property

* World wide variety of different features provide maximum information to the audience in order to choose the more efficient

* The use of legal consultants and lawyers specializing in providing legal advice for the selection and real estate secured transactions in cyberspace

* The possibility of introducing, sales and pre-sales of residential and commercial office construction projects by developers

The real estate website management philosophy Niazetointernational three principles provide accurate and complete information, a wide range of choice for customers And the speed and accuracy of communication between buyer and seller and the ultimate goal is to create a secure platform, housing transactions are fast and reliable.

Finally, to ensure users of the site it is necessary to point out that Since Niazeto website Does not receive any profit from buying and selling real estate And all of them filed tariff banners provided And information buyers and sellers as well as the integrity of the site And to any other natural or legal persons will not be available.